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Welcome to the Fab Lab Berlin Wiki. Here you will find detailed information regarding our machines, workshops, software, as well as information on our pricing.

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

You can find our main website at

FAQ and Important Information

General information about Fab Lab

  • We are an open innovation space that provides the community access to advanced digital fabrication tools.
  • UPDATE: Starting 1st June, 2016 our opening times are Tuesday - Saturday 11:00 – 19:00. We are closed Sunday and Monday.
  • How to use the lab: We are an open lab and anyone is free to come work on the tables in the main lab and use our internet. No membership is required. However, please remember to respect the space and others working around you. Clean up after yourselves!
  • How to use the machines:
  1. Register for workshops for the machines you want to use. You can sign up and find details about workshops on our main page here. If none is available for the machine you want to use, you can book a tutor instead by emailing
  2. Sign up for Easylab at our reception desk. Make sure to tell them which workshop you took so that you get access to the correct machines. You can always update which machines you have access to by asking the managers at the reception desk.
  3. Access the machines. You can either use the terminal located at the front desk with your Easylab card or go to Whenever you turn a machine on, the system records how much time was used for which machine to bill you the proper amount.
  4. Payment. When you register for Easylab, you are automatically set up for our “Pay As You Go” option. If you want a

better deal or have a big project in mind, you can always sign up for a membership, which gives you unlimited machine usage for certain machines.

What is Easylab and how does it work

  • Easylab is a management system made at Fab Lab Berlin that enables people to access machines by themselves.
  • It records who and how long a machine is being used.
  • If you have taken a workshop or tutorship with us for a machine, you can sign up for Easylab to get access to those machines.
  • It is still under construction but awesome features such as Reservations, Calendar, updated UI are in the works.

Machine pricing and memberships

  • All “Pay As You Go” prices are listed on our website here.
  • When you sign up for Easylab you are automatically set up for “Pay As You Go”.
  • Memberships are not required to use the machines but if you have a big project and want to have a better deal for prices you can sign up for monthly payment. Details are found here.

Safety and security

  • Please be mindful of your belongings at all times, we are an open lab.
  • Each machine comes with its own set of safety procedures so make sure you understand everything before using a machine. For example, it is very easy to cut any material using the laser cutter but the fumes produced can be extremely dangerous to you and others using the lab.
  • If you are not sure, don’t do it! Ask a Lab Manager who are always present at the lab.

Kitchen and Cleanliness

  • You are welcome to eat and drink at the lab but please be considerate and always wipe the desk after yourselves and clean up. You can find cleaning equipment at the kitchen.
  • You are also welcome to use our dishes, cups and cutlery but please do not leave them in the sink! If the dishwasher is not running, please place all dirty items in the dishwasher. If the dishwasher is finished cleaning please help out by placing clean items back onto the shelves.
  • Help yourself to drinks and coffee, just remember to donate some money in the boxes located nearby.

Getting started!